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UHI has a number of associate companies that work together to be able to deliver quality , globally competitive products and services.


Marman trading is one of the market leaders in the sale and distribution of industrial chemicals. The industrial chemicals that Marman sells and produces are key components in the promotion of national development. Marman trading specializes in refrigeration ammonia. The company also produces chemicals used in agriculture, food preservation, cleaning solutions, waste water processing and many others. In order to keep abreast with the developments in the industrial chemical field, the company constantly evaluates and improves its supply chain. The company also trains its employees in order to meet our customers evolving supply and delivery requirements. read more


Universal Aquarius Incorporated (UAI) is and environmentally responsible company that is engaged in the importation, trade, manufacture and distribution of major industrial chemicals. UAI is a major distributor of caustic soda liquid, commanding 65% of the market. The company produces products with applications ranging from agriculture to cleaning solutions. UAI is committed to the production of quality industrial chemicals necessary in providing potable drinking water to the Filipino people.  Because of this, it is the country’s leading supplier of water treatment chemicals. read more


Grand Asian Shipping Lines (GASL) is an environmentally responsible transport company that specializes in transporting petroleum products over sea. GASL is also committed to promoting policies that related to the safety and protection of its personnel and cargo. The company strives to achieve zero accidents in every voyage. Shipping is a dynamic industry that has customers with changing needs and continuously changing safety standards. Because of this, GASL is constantly improving its cost effectiveness and its quality indicators. read more
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