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What is Universal Harvester, Inc?
Universal Harvester, Inc. (UHI) is a Filipino company that is engaged in manufacturing, importation and distribution of world-class fertilizers. Driven by its mission, UHI continues to deliver products of only the highest caliber at very reasonable rates.
How did Universal Harvester, Inc. (UHI) begin?
Universal Harvester started by manufacturing Sulphate of Potash then eventually ventured in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of other fertilizer variants.

Today, with its complete line of fertilizers, farmers are ensured of their produce’s optimal growth.
What are the credentials of UHI?
• UHI is a PEZA-registered Ecozone Export Enterprise
       UHI plants are situated in PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) Special Economic Zones, locations that are
       supported by the government by providing a conducive industrial site for companies that offer globally competitive

• UHI is also ISO-certified
       In its commitment to offer products of the highest quality, UHI’s Quality Management System has been established and
       certified on December 29, 2006 by SGS Philippines, Inc. (ISO 9001:2000) with Certificate No. PH06/0098.
Where are UHI products being sourced?
UNIVERSAL HARVESTER INCORPORATED sources some products from Indonesia, China, Israel, Korea and Malaysia.
I'm interested in ordering UNIVERSAL HARVESTER FERTILIZERS, how do I order?
Transactions are unique and will depend on various factors. To ensure smooth transactions, simply get in touch with the UHI sales team by emailing or call the sales division hotline (632) 421-2231 to 32 and (632) 421-2234 to 43.
Are UHI fertilizers available nationwide?
Yes! Please call UHI sales division (632) 421-2231 to 32 saka (632) 421-2234 to 43 for assistance.
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